Hey, you reading this! Welcome to my blog apoorv.me Hope you enjoyed your stay and had a good read. 

So this Disclaimer is basically nothing but a short of voice which I want spell out just to make sure nobody gets hurt. Hurt in sense if use of some words, facts, feelings similar content may not be liked by some indivisuals, I bear no responsiblity since as the right to express your thoughts in the constituion of India. However there may be some genre of people who may seem it wrong but my writing are very thought which I observe and introspect, thing in today's 21st century world which is leading toward the scientific researches amidst the blasphemy of herectic world in which some people are more focused.

So, here by I request to read with broad mind, comment with open heart and soul. Let there be exchange of concrete views rather than being fanatic or cynical.