About Me

Apoorv which means one who has not been before and so I am. I always wanted to make websites but wasn't aware of anything, then in 2013 in decide to make and finally in 2014 i registered a domain foecut.net and then foecut.com. Than it was due to my exam that made me to sell those site for very cheap to a good buyer. Nevertheless it was turning point when i decided to grow my emerging hobby and help people to get the website for very cheap. These days i could not keep up my blog because i was searching for something new and the present thing were not pleasing me but now a blogger cum writer, Presently i own more than 9 sites which are of various niche including tech, health, tips , tricks and much more. I am a gizmo lover and a tech freak keep on searching and finding new tools and tricks. Since due to some problem i had to sell my site and projects at a throw away price but its okay.