You Think Think and Think

Well I probably don't know why I'm getting affected but I ought to carve just to make my mind free. So, you think, think and think, well might sound strange to you but it is true. We are all human beings who are likely to get affected by certain things be it small or big, to be of worth or not but we are. We cannot deny this fact and those who says they are not affected are likely be more affected. So I better accept this I got affected yesterday, today so I could prevent my tomorrow from being affected.

This is a tale, A usual one hope you don't get bored of it, So it starts as, There is a boy who took admission to an arts field off-late to pursue masters. He joined college went there, met some people of very young age to him. He interacted and talked.

There was some good days spent with all, but out of blues one fine day things suddenly changed. Clouds were all over the sky, there were thunders and rains of feelings in one's heart. Yeah kind of situation when you get engrossed in one particular thing when you have given way more importance to one. So it was an obvious outcome and off-course unfavourable one. Who would want the things go against oneself??? No one. So was this boy.

However, things went totally in opposition from an act of kindness to act of heinous. He was trying to explain the nuances of time and career but who would know that one of them would be going against. Issue is not going against, fault was his only as he tried to meddle in the affairs of persons involved thinking to give and elderly piece of advice.

Now, in just few days from smiling face to ignoring face. This is how things changes so I said think, think and think before you get affectionate to any person be it the worldly good but beware of uncertain dire consequences that will affect if you're true and given your heart without the need of any affection. You can't predict any person, his or her feelings and future conducts. Beware!!!

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