Jaruri Tha (It was necessary)

The reason to switch back to Instagram and disable again. It was necessary. I might be sounding rational or irrational. But I ought to take this. 

It's a bit embarrassing but worth discussing. So before we proceed I would love to go back to some lost years. Yes! lost, however memories are still in some shape. Lets begin....

When you spend your time with someone whom you think you are compatible with. You are engrossed in a world of your own. Reality doesn't exist. Utopia comes to existence and you find bliss everywhere. But when things started changing, the gravity of your relation changes then comes time of extreme pain. You think of ending a world. this world is cruel. All possible permutations you ought to implement in surreal world that you start  drowning with your emotions and thoughts. This may sound you a bit complex but true. To overcome all this you look for all possible alternatives try to find new friends but every person leave a unique footprints and that is hard to replace. However not impossible, condition prevails, if your heart finds a more beautiful heart. 

To talk about beauty in not the physical appearance or glow in once face which is though an ideal if I not to theoretical. But to add in beauty is the way one talk, the innocence it holds and off-course the charming attitude. So I might be more stressed with the beautiful ideal soul towards whom you have affinity. This all is rationally knowingly unknowingly tends to happen.

I might have met dozen of people, in want of such attributes which my heart was dying of. Literally because I found it's impossible to live in present situation and replacing your current scenario you could feel an upward thrust. I ended in having nothing, though met people but it was for some means or may be god has its own plan.

By this time I also wasted analyzing where I'm going. I was lost with no aim nothing. I was just flowing in the direction things are talking. I happened to be that fish who use to swim against the current but all at sudden things stopped. I'm nowhere in between. I started getting depressed, irritated and feudup with life.

By then a couple of years have passed, but one thing I learned from this very incident of past. Any one who wants to get rid of you, will only look for the pathetic reason, and will move on to meet its own self. 

Let get back to our talks, may be it will take a couple of more blogposts to be continued  in that I will talk about an element of Mortality. Yes!! a reminder to all human beings that we are mortal. Our existence is for a limited duration. Consciousness of Mortality.

May be this video will be a perfect add to title and the story which I am talking about for some but not actually.

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