A Day of Difficulties

Title might sound strange. But things happened to be difficult today. So tomorrow is 72nd Independence Day and I wish you all a very Happy India's that is Bharat's Independence day.

Things don't go as you think or plan, always. They tend to change their discourse with due time. Today you might be doing good but tomorrow things may be difficult and vice-versa. One thing to be noted about mind which is tends to shift in seconds being fickle. It's very difficult to get focus but one has to do. Else, conflicts will arise which is not good in the productivity fronts. Conflicts here I mean by the conscience and ego, attitude and behavior.

And as Buddha propounded for a medium way of life, it is very difficult to be in middle line always. You will have some extreme on each things. To practice in today's world is a bit challenging.

You'll meet new people, of those some you will like and some you won't. Things happen when billions of people living and we tends to give importance to other person. It's also a reason for the conflicts with your happiness and sadness. 

In today's world when all practical relations and friends are replace by digital friends who are in tens and hundreds but what's the use when you don't meet, discuss, share, socialize? It's have instead made a open world a bit limited to mobiles and computers.

Gone are those days, where you would find children running in streets in rainy season with paper boats. Now are the days when it rain's you feel more conscious about getting wet, dirty.

Time has change and it is good to change with time else time will change you. You ought to be proactive and progressive if you want to compete with world.

Today, I find it very difficult to see who I am, I shiver and avoid looking the things I have done or passed through which is probably why I could not make corrections to my faults. How conscious we have become as person, what world will think about us, if this is right or wrong, these things also comes more or less from society that we grows in. How it influence the very you. It needs to change, it is needed to bring a change. Bring yourself, the real you, unaffected of what people will think about you.

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