How I fell Today?

Everything was fine! Until I fell down. Harsh it was to fell down in speed. Cold it was as the sun dropped as early as 1745 making the moon to take the duty of night. Dusk! Alas!

1746 being, so I start to jog, completing first 5 set as it was after long time, avoided to strain myself. Night had started to take its charge, it started becoming dark.

It was the last set, as while reaching I feel down. It was really harsh. Blood came out. Had nothing but calm myself down going back to home to wash the wound with soap and water.

I could still not find the reason how at sudden I fell? Is this reminding me of falling in something different perspective? I guess it could be may be reminding me of felling from love. from friendship, or from everything that I wish to do. Leaving me clueless.

Yes!! Reminding me this wound is small compared to the actual wounds you have gotten in your life from the people. Reminding me of the amount of blood they let it drain from my body. It's nothing it will heal with time what about that infinite fall of your life. You are still fallen, not yet risen up, today with this physical hurt you have atleast risen up to go home and wash it. What about the internal woulds which are still fresh and needs some other soul as water to be washed off. Clueless??? Don't have to be you know every bits and pieces of your soul better than anyone else shall explain you.

How alone you were! Infact so alone no one to see you while you fell down, no one to hold you no one to laugh at you. !!! You're alone.! Great with no friends nothing...!!! But this shall not be taken as negative atlast you had enough courage to stand on your own. To sob yourself, to calm yourself to tackle the situation by self. Quite appreciating, no doubt. Better to be alone than to have hell number of people who just pretend to be with you but vanishes when you truly need them, when you want someone to listen to you but those are just to busy in themselves ignoring you the real you. Making you fake.!!

Sometimes, It's better to fall than to fell.....

Things you have done you have got and you are doing is nothing but letting you down, so down that they are reminding you to be in caution.

This is How You fell today..!!!

15 nov 16

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