Finally The Last Class!

Seems end has come, doesn't give so much of happiness as it was the time to lose all the people. Be it mean selfish hard or hearty lost of era. Dispersion! Pen rolling on the t-shirt color finding space in the cheeks, smile tears everything mingled up.

So was this the advent of new era, a new beginning, a new life, off-course the lesson will be used in life which will start from now. No matter how bad the time was the end wasn't evil. And if something is evil than probably it is not the end. May be a little extra resistance to it could bear sweet fruits.

Some feelings are still hidden some questions are still left unanswered, to some its been day to see the glimpse. Just wonder for the person one used to go college and now everything seems to come to an end. 

But lets thrive this moment, we'll survive. Everything happens for a reason, for something good. :)

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