Finally An Engineer ! Nightmare

Every Second of every moment that have passed, be it you who is one of the loveliest to the scariest nightmares ever since my birthday says Apy to sky. Amazingly checking her result while she offcourse don;t even care because for her, her so called narrow thought and religion matters, the blind teachings which she never got no knowledge how pity it is to follow without respecting the emotions and love just for the sake of betrayal. It's not negative, no more negative words. Each and every moment starting from my birthday to now and coming seconds to add my life. Words that always rolled my mind back and forth unlike you my pretty sky who turned out to be so blue that you don't even care about your words promises feelings nothing. 

And when you call some people, they dubiously calls you majnu..lover.. so was apy but than today 4 years are drained so was your time pass, that is apy. Why would you call now that true.. why ? 

Life is cruel but okay I'm waiting for allah, to tell me about that day and everyday why with me... Or if almighty allah gave this little knowledge or if these are the real teachings... I have faith and believe unlike you who dwell. Whose words mind and action are never in harmony. Even the love.... And I thank you Allah... !!

But then all these thought dismissed the moment I got her call and the voice that I missed since ages thought its just more than a month, but quite strong feminine voice rather than a girls voice as it used to. However I just thought of allah and about call and restoring my faith to love humanity beyond religion says apy. May be something is waiting and yet to happen.

30 June 1 July date  changed in between the calls

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