0900 Call Hung Today Again

Though she had managed to call him before 12 this morning. But the wound that he is having which she gave that nighybis still fresh. You think new things when someone objects you in lieu of protection you compare with those of other... This is what merly a sky does... Sky could not see the storms and clouds which have been raise under it.... There ain't any problem with sky its just something that sky might have thought and would tell apy deflecting from her words always... Giving a deep hurt in apys heart.... The way it disconnected the call telling we'll talk in front and when it comes to meet sky has a fox in her mind making stories to lure and make fool its lover... I can't... Its not that any don't understand the circumstances but something is repeating is not incidents but intentions.

... And sky know all about it... Just a month remaining apy is clear as the energy from sky have changed from love to selfishness.... And its drowning apy quite enoughto destroy ruin and repeat histroy... May be to blame sky... Anyway god bless all

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