Working Hard to bear rejections

I don't know how time was but today the indelible memory which sprinted all so sudden, making me weak and in need of her. I'd called her quite number of times, even messaged her but no response. The moment was grievous. As being skeptic if she would call me or not, to which she did not call me. But I had to assimilate the pain that aroused for that moment. Day was not fruitful as I was exploring myself thinking about her what's wrong wondering if she would care to call me or not. Nothing seemed me satisfying and the thirst for her voice increased. It really give me so much peace and soothing the moment I hear her voice and talk to her. Even if she is angry, what I really love is she shall not stop speaking. Her silence really make me afraid of my life as it kill me from inside. I wish if she could understand this caveat from inside.

Coming to rejections, as it been really hard to cope up with situation. May be I made it as it might not be but it has seriously deflected me somewhere of nowhere. Be it mates, business deals or work it has actually shown it's impact on all the relations. Offcourse the one who take you understands you better.

So it goes, everything was running smooth until it was FEB with the advent of this month, time and relation started to degrade. May be understanding was need and a little maturity could have fed the circumstances but being emotionally attached and weak from inside made it easy for one to break certain bond while the other keep on urging to hold it again, to tie it.

Yes! It happened all way long until today. Sky got influenced by her cousin phuphi at that time, as Apy went weak inside. Sky was so influenced as she started implementing things while forgetting the values and religion teachings. Sky was not only betraying to her heart but to her god whom she finds beyond everything. While God knows everything, and so her love for apy was indelible.

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