On 22 birthday of Sky

Everything was fine until, apy called sky an hour before the clock to strike 12, Gosh, phone was switched off. Tried calling number of times, until clock past 11 and phone was rining but she didn't respond. 1122 was the time when she whatsapp apy about this and didn't call even than. Disconnecting it. 

But it was 1154 when apy called sky and she took in conference with her cousin phuphi and than seeminingly disconnected the call. No wonder how bad it was and hurting. It was 1200 when I called and she disconnected, everytime since it was 1202 and when she received, I could hear a faint voice who is feeling guilty. 

She had disconnected hell no. of times making apy feel really bad on this very especial day. Unexpected she wasn't even aware about what apy had thought may be same was with sky. But atleast the importance and the priority could have been met. It's not with how long you have been together, but how well you have spent time, how many times you had fight, and with a relations to make one understand and shed ego while leave attitude  which sky had so-often... It's always when sky is not with apy alone, rather with lot people this kind of situation seems to be more often. 

And the sky get's angry, what does it means? You are disconnecting call you are not able to manage you people and all anger is on apy? Is this worth to live for apy? Did you ever thought how it really feels. Try being at apy's place for a while and you will know how it really is when you do.....

You will never know the pain one has inside because you never took that person seriously, just because he is to you... 

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