Introspection Retrospection Knowledge What she mean

So today she said, I don't like you talking about my believes, I'm not that knowledgeable to know my own religion but what believes I had made I m getting strongly attached to it and don't want to question. Let me do may be some day I will try to seek why don't you ask your other friend who are quite knowledgeable than me of my religion. He was stumbled by her this very thought. How can you say.. what makes you feel so ill about having desire to know your religion and how can't you hear or feel irritated about same. It was astonishing. Love is fading but never mind may be one day your allah my bhagawan who are one and the same thing will come together and create knowledge in mind. But for the you don't need to refrain from attaining what ever you could. Believes are made over  long practice of same things so is yours and you can't listen to it quite different thing. I have no issue questions to it. But may be one day your god will surely make this thing clear about love and knowledge which is the eternal source of energy...! 

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