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17 March 2016

How Fast Time Past

How Fast Time Past

How Fast the Time Past ! I still could feel the air that I breathe, while I was in First year and now time has considerably changed, obviously not more than people around you who seems to have changed with in a month of gap things seems to be like 3 years ago may be not exactly but I felt though everything seems to get clear but may be in one's heart there is something deep which is not getting expelled as it should be taken out to clear the misunderstandings and grudges. Everywhere I find people fighting for saving their relationship but on the other hand lucky me who have not been in any. 

For an instance I was on a voyage and fighting with rough weather on a ship alone, the thunder storms the rain the waves and no land for miles till the eye can sight. I'm feared and worried what would happen if I'll be dead or if I could ever see someone else whom I desire to see and get a glimpse of. I meditate to have connection with GOD which normally we do be in puja or namaz. But things were not getting calm rather storm after storm fall over me, making me weak deep inside. I was dying. And than one fine day the knowledge from a soul wakes my soul and enlighten me more than I was, making me the soul role helping me to realize that the situation is created by it not by any other why am I the one to worried while the sky was high and not willing to settle the atmosphere. 
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