Best DIY to Improve VOICE

1. Singh or Simha in Sanskrit means lion thus Singhasana, Simhasana or Sinhasana is therefore called lion pose. In this the noisy inhalation and exhalation seems as roaring like a lion. A proper throat massage tunes the vocal cord and makes the pronunciation clear and the problem like lisping and stammering can be prevented. Sinhasana yoga also called Singhasana yoga properly massage throat thus is beneficial in stammering and lisping especially in children.

Steps to perform Sinhasana or Singhasana yoga
1) In sitting position, bend the right leg and place the foot under the left buttock. Bend the left leg and cross the left ankle over the right ankle, placing the left foot under the right buttock. Rest the hands on the knees with the fingers spread out. Lean the body forward slightly, shifting the body weight onto the hands. The arms should be kept straight. Tilt the head slightly downwards, open the mouth and stick the tongue out, pointing the tip of the tongue down. Widen the eyes and tense all facial muscles. The gaze should either be at the nose tip or eyebrow center. Breathe normally.
2) Now while inhaling take the tongue out and looking in between the eyebrows exhale. There should be a noise like roaring of a lion while exhaling. Repeat at least 4 to 5 times.
3) When the process is complete and the tongue is taken inside along with saliva, massage the throat which is done to prevent soreness of throat due to roaring.

Benefits of Sinhasana or Singhasana yoga are as follows:
1) It prevents the problem of lisping and stammering especially in children. It is also useful for tonsil and adenoid problems thus prevent from recurrent respiratory infections.
2) This is also a yoga for thyroid problems and other throat problems.
3) It also benefits and curb ear problems. It is helpful to control unclear pronounciation and makes the speech clear and attractive. 

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