You Could Have Received and Said Friends h Instead of Ignoring Being So Cold

It's Tuesday, around a whole lot of time been passed. And then I don't why but I said. You're my girlfriend, I'm sorry I should have no said that you. So because of this the night went cold, you said we are friends, girlfriend se achi hoti h dost, I know you love me but let it be. Just because you belong to some different religion and it's easy for you to control your emotions and feelings you said that. But what about the person who is not so strong emotionally as you are. It's easy for you but not for me, Apy said. And it was true. She have been hiding her feelings. Doesn't matter if apy live or die. 

Apy called sky today around 4 in the evening. She received his call and said hello, don't know what went wrong with her she ended it and screened rest of the calls. Ignored badly. She could have said apy that she is with her friends as apy was scared and lose patience but she didn't care about that. And in the end apy got a text on whatsapp

frnds h mat karo cal
As if I did a blunder,...  

can't stop loving you... said apy in mind being weak emotionally !

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