When you're hungry feels cold and still call her endlessly

So today it was,... when  you called her a number of times. You could have waited but you were feeling so cold today your fingers  were freezing but still you called her message her a number of times a normal person may get filled with ego but since you love her you don't care but just to call her. All you wanted to hear her voice to feel the warmth as you were feeling so cold. waiting for more than an hour you called her. you called her. And from there you get a message will call you but you loose patience and you called her the very moment you got that message and she didn't receive.

And then she comes online, instead of calling me. !!! Marvelous !!! After calling a number of times waiting what your love does is messages you.! but you still call her,.... you call her.

And than you hear don't you get bore seeing same person again and again. Do you get bored to see the person who you love and die to see a glimpse of its ? No you dont' rather you seek more options to see her again and again. 

How can you say that to me? When you know how much I love you each and every moment. You don't know the intensity of my love still you try to play with it. But it's not a game that will get over. It's my life, My love for you that will be immense and immortal. 

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