And you literally made me cry today, 'sky could have told apy'

And I cried hard today. I haven't lost anything but the moment you made cry is deep. You don't know  the pain and intensity I'm suffering right now. How can you do this to me. I've been waiting since last two days but it seems all ruined. I haven't cried in past some days so it was necessary to give me such an instant pain that burst my heart into tears. And because of such moment apy don't feel to live anymore as the pain given by sky is inevitable. It's hard for apy to resist who have been waiting for sky for so long but what sky does is leaves a message that is also after hours of waiting. What does it takes for sky to just drop a message the moment she arises with some work. What does it takes... but nopes she won't do until and unless apy feel the pain, pain in heart, deep pain that could one day take apy's life too. 

Exactly 12 hours it was 12 AM today itself when he went to sleep dropping a message, and when she woke up she said she will talk after getting freshen up. And it's been hours waiting and thus apy could not hold his feelings and lost his patience. After calling ample of times she has no clue to say neither before nor after she got work. She could have told apy that she as equipped with some work and will call him surely once she is free. But it takes time for this right ? 

Simply she could have told apy about it. She never know how hard it was for apy to control and be in patience. But the patience could not last forever as you him cry. Sobbingly he called her again and this time you received, what was going if you would have done it already and not let him cry. You could have told him in what work you are busy in, also would have assured him that sky will call apy for sure, just be in patience but sky didn't do this,... sky didn't told this to apy.

Tears fell from eyes, it was hard to regain the momentum for apy but he tried after hearing her voice. Apy is not complaining about it but feeling bad as he could have been in patience for some more time, but the thing that haunted him was baby could have told me, just once instead of plainly saying "busy hun" could have attended apy's call for some second or could have called back after seeing it rather ignoring it would be quite easy to sitback and relax. But it's not worth as apy is not hurt... but apy will hurt himself as she feels happy when apy is hurt. 

As it had been two days waiting for your call and you hardly made any... by heart... sky knows how it feels but still situations are so weird when apy needs sky the most sky is unavailable. Culprit is apy not sky as he could not control his emotions feeling like sky who does it with great experience not only experience she doesn't feel for apy so it's easy while on the other hand it's difficult for apy to be same as sky. But it's good atleast apy is true,.... being true is quite not easy. May be one day when apy will leave his soul in sky, sky will understand the wounds apy suffered from as its' hard infact worthless to understand. 

But than like miracle she came to apply ointment today, called a number of times. As she was out for some work and meanwhile she called me. Apy ran with his broken ankle and saw her face, and got cheered up. Well nothing is permanent neither your happiness nor you sadness. But permanent is love for one so was it today and eveyday. Apy asked to call him when she reaches home and she said I'll reach and will not call trying to stress don't be like my bf though I am :D misconceptions for both of us. I tried to make her for letting me to wear her the ear ring and she bluntly ignored while i wanted to... but it's okay as she was not comfortable and I'm  nothing less than a stupid who love she may think as I'm not her boyfriend sky may say... Do  better don't act like one! 

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