Let it Rain Tonight

Let it Rain Tonight.....  By Sonam Chauhan 

Let it rain tonight as I wanted all the memories to vanish, which I had from that person whom I loved from the core of my heart from my soul. Oh my dear God please it should heavily rain tonight, till the time that the words from those 16 letters should pass out. It should sink deep inside the water in which I dropped my emotions & feelings to him two years back ,today I tear all those letters instead of burning it ,I threw it in front of my house’s terrace, so that I can see those memories dwelling in the water, flowing in the rain .............As I recall those words which he used to say  that whenever it rains I think of you ,today when I was seeing those torn letters lying on the terrace, I was thinking deep inside let it rain tonight  till the time my heart forgets him .....I was standing in the gallery & thinking even the God wants those memories to wipe off from my life, that’s why from the past five days, it’s raining every day during evening time. Even the life wants those memories to fade away & to vanish from my heart. When I came from the office, I stand in the gallery seeing those 16 letters crumbled into pieces in which I had sum up those four meets of him......those wonderful moments from the day we met first to the day we met last. Today it’s been two years one month since I last met him....Time passes, but the memories get deeper day by day for me... I feel shattered myself how people change by the time, how people become emotionless...People are very practical in this world, maybe I am not from those practical people, but I am having proud that I have feelings, I am a human being, I can’t be like a person who constantly thinks of their mind. But deep in my heart, I am praying let it rain tonight till the memories washed away from my heart.....

Hope you guys like the true heart feeling of a person when the relation ship gets crumbled like paper and people swifts their way in way different creating havoc in one's life disgracefully not understanding love, emotions feeling.
Do comment below if you like this :) We awaits for your feedback which will help to motivate other's from not doing err which they went through in their life. :)

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