3 Years Ago

When I was in first year, I'd a group and we use to enjoy passing time out of college bunking and spending in farmhouse near by college, in amidst of summer sun a well near by sharing lunch together, though I and one of my friend. So one fine day there were less number of student so I with one of my friend moved out of college, one of our faculty seen me but she smiled and didn't questioned. So While reaching out of the college to a safe and hostile place where the gang was waiting I told that this ma'am is soo good. And then One guy caught whiling bunking, that coward spoke our name, this was nothing but then principal made us responsible to make the class bunk as if we are the leaders and without us the class will not bunk.... Things started to change... we were called to call our parents, I was the unlucky one as usual and get most of the scolding,.. The guy who was caught said we asked them to bunk... ( Marvelous can you imagine.... ??? Mature enough to be in college..) ANy this was just the starting of bad time..
My friends were smart enough to escape as they were not from bhopal and I... could not make storiess...

Remember the teacher that I came across while bunking, some foolish amongst the group poke my name to that teacher probably i know who was that, and to principal she was scolded. I had a good rapport but all spoiled just because of such idiot. Then the teacher use to scold me whenever she could have the reason, things are not yet clear from her end but since i was true it doesn't matter to me.... I've learned many things in these 3 year... College is not the step up version of school... School is the best place you'l ever find.. Being a Campionite I miss the world there..., No one is your friend until and unless you have something unique...... 

And then whole lot of thing started..... crafted in hurry for meethi mirchi.. 

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