You are Important

Well the title today contradicts the facts and tact's. So how it goes, today apy was a bit stressed. It's been a couple of days for him to be the same, may be it not Sky for which I was restraining or short of but things were actually down today. Since morning. 

I was thinking about same thing, since I'm sky's friend, best friend she say's. I'd asked who's more important, well she said both giving reason appreciate it but the fact that she didn't made it well while comparing instead. As usual she saying that I'm a boy trying to pretend as if its a vailid reason she told my mom wouldn't allow and to my surprise if instead of a friend it was a some time bf that would have asked, you'd surely made no, no, to go out and then where is your mom sweety. Aren't you comparing and compromising the two....??? Well you are just for the god sake think about it. how much it matters and how much you beheads the real one! 

Well I know....

to be continued!!! for sure!!! Its an important part, it could not be left behind as though I'm left by you!

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