My First Ever Event

Well it was techfest today as we reached home late as 1130 past night and were finding it difficult to reach college that day before 800 however we reached at 0802. Meanwhile one more friend amongst a team of three reached though some 15 minutes late as we had planned to meet. Anyway, Event got quite well as we'd expected to be without much strain and restrain. In the end we did had a group dance and photograph session. Anyway returning back as we were tired we went to a park, just to refresh and get rid of tension and stress. Enterning in we found a guy sitting with two girls and just looking to the face of girl and boy we were like WTF, what's wrong with the taste of girls. Anyway before that a very funny incident took place as we had 10₹ and we two decided to take orange candy ice cream that would cost 5₹ each so in hurry i just crossed the boundaries and fence, I jumped and fall very badly, luckily my face was covered and the girl standing there waiting might be laughing. Reaching the parlour I didn;t get orange candy but had to return with vanila cup which we never enjoyed. Well while sitting we found a boy selling papers. there were some senior citizen who had paid him for a newspaper and then he came to us. We are engineers, do we need newspaper? hahah lol we don't. Luckily had bat and ball, so i played with him for half an hour he was very happy while in the end my lunch box was full which I didn't got time to have, I had shared with him. Though this might be small thing for many but it had made me learned things though a bit, made someone cheer and smile. Well could not take the snap as it run out of my mind but left him having the lunch leaving undisturbed we left. While those people were sitting outside and ordening sugacane juice...... We left... Left..

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