Apy 21 May Cool

Ironically, It's may and APY 21 MAY cool well the coldness could not last for the days as sky making the night just some minutes before the day to advent quite bright but everything shed like the leave in the sunny day.

Well in between this was happening APy had a call from sarni from her di, which she attended and pretended as if not recognise who is calling. Well she asked me to write something in the end today,... and not to mention anything hurting. But if sky can extend and apy exist there will be hurt to make their presence as the hurt is the soul cause for sky which she did not care to understand that's different.

21, day was mine
as her call and voice
which which she
talked me
past night 
Until the day got bright,
blessing from her and you
made me high,..
than it was you, my di 
who had asked me to write on the day
as it was mine..
just to make sure the things were
not in line....
I'm not blaming her as she is a very good
friend of mine,
sharing a whole lot of things together,
including dreams  which will come true
Dear it been three years,
even more than that in tears,
like today and past were near...
I wish if you could hear,

well things are wrong somewhere,
grudges are here,
life has a limited span,
why not make a plan....

sky is not the limit,
but if you are the place to start and end..
why making it a trend

you are important,
you say I'm inportant,
but do you mean it,
in public what you say....

It does hurt,
pain that tears,
hard to clear...
when my end is near..
you will regret my dear!

Love is true, it will divine, I'd loved and love you soul, which is vast as sky... for apy... 

$ky !!! 

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