She entered in and Sat in front!

Apy was sitting in middle row in bus. Today it was luckily the same bus by which apy sky would use to go college during their first sem. So as today it thrilled apy's heart when the bus stopped at sky's stop. Apy's eyes were glazing to find sky. Where in sky enters and sits in front without looking if apy was their as why would she be after all she's so busy she don't even have time to think is apy exist. Anyway apy was looking her she took some notes and copy started studying for a while and closed it. I did thought to sit next to her but i was in doubt. However stop came she stood out moved ahead alone. I desperately followed her tried to remove her shoes down and than we talked for a couple of minutes in that too she said bye (it actually hurts). Than what apy and sky went to their respective colleges. However After sometime apy goes to sky's college. Since some other classes are going on. Apy while having attended the classes looks sky finds her busy having lunch like hungry bird with another guy of her class. Apy feels fad. Than apy's leaves the college in great ambiguity. Clock strikes 4:43pm thinking about sky. Apy thinks to call her. Apy calls her finds her standing as she herself tells that. And disconnect the call absurdly in her usual style (which hurts much) saying could not stand in bus as she didn't able to get a place to sit. 

So troubling her for a while and not letting her to disconnect the call, as if the man of heinous crime, she ended. Well to my pleasure the moment was in brisk effervescence and I keep on thing and waiting as she told she would be calling back but haven't got though. Well to apy's surprise it was not worth as it was aware of the excruciating pain that may occur her while standing as for Sky it had been a die hard day.

Since Sky may think its Apy who always haggle frantically. But to Sky's surprises Apy was trying to get back as it was though for sky it might be meaningless.

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