It's 17 Emm 5 days hence B'day!!

Well it may seem a bit complicated to understand the title but nevermind I have no intentions to make you understand. Yeah the mediocrity of Apy's excruciating painful times may not be whimpering you but might endorse the sadness in you!

Well that was the really hard to add vocabulary word just to show you even I know some English, well I tried to make that complex because you will not be able to get what it actually means until and unless you think yourself about the time, circumstances and heinous thoughts perching inyou mind breaking the solidarity for emotions and thoughts.

So, 17 pe khatra we may say in Hindi sounds rhyming what you say? Well so it goes, Apy as usual duping himself for no reason other than the person he is loving for no reason. Though why would Sky think if Apy get s the brink of his oceanic life without any goals and aim. Moreover Apy tends to gulp things rather conveying it to Sky which he thinks is worth because why would she be so kind to entertain you or your emotions until and unless you mean something to Sky. It's true why would she cater you.

So it was 5:10 when Apy's first Alarm roused him and then his mom but he slep until it was 7:55 so he was late for the college again. And decided to not go. Got scolded by dad for this kind of frantic behaviors as it's been approximate two three months since 19 the life changed as it ought not to be. Apy tends to blame Sky despite of knowing its own mistake and things that Apy or Sky do but that is not for short because when Apy blames Sky it's just to quip her and tease and trouble her but in actually Apy is smart enough to blame himself and pray best for the Sky however Sky will never understand this thing of Apy.

It's 4:52
today 9:51
and this time while I'm typing luckily 11:52 there is something between this !!! well Good night  

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