Reminds me of Two year hence ! Feeling a bit shivered amdist of my lonely life!

Well its not about something that I need to boost every day when I come here, nor I'm worndering what's going around the world, I'm least bother what the hell is going on around the globe, At-least for today! Just One Reason being you sweetheart who is been busy for a month, well Baby I'm not asking if you would have remebered me in these days, nor I'm saying how much I missed you, I wished you every day and night. Moreover, Neither I'm asking you to spent your precious time nor money to call me for a day in this whole span just to ask if how i am hows life going (its near hell but u be happy) or how was holi ( didn't celebrate this time just thinking about you passing the same beaten path after a month wishing if i would get a glimpse of your smile but). Well Baby you never now how my soul cries how my heart pains how its beats neither I want to tell not to make any impact. I know, you're busy not just a call nor a text so busy since a month... well baby missing you deadly want to talk like we used to late night chats, want to call you want to hear you pleasant voice, my voice has become more harsher as every time i use to talk with you honey it would act a soothe to my throat but now i'm lost !! 

Waiting for you..., I know you might have got something to stick with or the person welll apart from all this ! No complains !!! 

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