Today another die hard day!

Hey my sky! I know you're busy since 19 of past month.  Nevertheless you may not know how difficult it had been and it is for me to live without having talks. I know you don't have time else you would have surely called me. I understand you don't worry I'm waiting :).

But dear Sky do fly high be at a height forget Apy since he's the only one troubling you now n then hoping for expectations which aren't worth for him as you might not be willing to. Don't worry just live, apy's well wishes are alway their. Don't worry about anything. Apy will try level best as started too. So that you be happy just have a little trust on apy dear sky. If you are zeniths height than Apy is ground though both are a part but far apart. Doesn't matter. It's been a huge tough time wondering the thinks that apy would trouble you at times, would ask you. He feels sorry for that. But above all Apy is missing its Sky. Since Sky is busy he doesn't want to disturb her. Since sky might get angry. 

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