Te Amo

Te Amo.... baby been really very long since a couple of days you've been busy wondering waiting crying every moment being very hard for the time to pass. It's 21:53 been many minutes for 9:30 to past however she might be busy  or might have forgotten about me that i was waiting for. May be she got tired or might not be free enough so possibly she could not tell about what happened however I'm waiting with a hope she will light up as soon as her mind gets to know if i was waiting. 

As usual I'll wait,
she'll be late....
Now as you late,
As I'll wait..
But u Take rest,
For u it's best,
Though i miss,
i wish to bliss,
Thought to remind
but it would disturb in kind
though my eye
can only cry
seeing you're offline
as thought to be online
let my pain 
drain in vein 
but your smile
is fertile
I'll not be a reason
to shed smiling mason

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