7 Jan College Day

Today, it was though a pretty hot day but indeed beautiful you won't believe. Yes, indeed. I was sitting studying for the first time in morning quite decently and than i lost my track on equations which i didn't new how to solve. Than it was her friend you can say her half girlfriend though i really doubt if i should say or not anyway, i asked her after asking facebook which didn't new how to solve but than she was giving such dangerous face like will kill me. Than finally stopped in college and went out of bus than i found bus no 21 where she was entering in found as if i came to any hostile place where everyone was studying and than i asked siso about the equations as expected she said she don't know. Went back where she was sitting she was looking damn beautiful and cute though she usually look but today the pearly glow was up and was damn alluring wearing specks. I was like open mouth but didn't say anything. However i asked her what doubt i had and she explained me quite well as usual. 

Since it was time for exam we went to our colleges. Exam got over after an interval of three hour. What new thing we could see was our college going hi-tech as they installed biometric system for attendance and we have to imprint our finger prints for the first time. It does took a bit of time and then i moved to bus which was almost full keeping my bag in the cabin area moved out searched roamed thought if she would be there was as usual she was late emmm yeah nothing to say actually what to say when the person anyway leave.. :/  

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