Old Is Gold

Old Is Gold

31st December 2014 its 10 past 10 ironically! She came online as i was in facebook when i seen the green dot next to her name in fb chat with no time i opened messenger where her last seen was 9:59 crossed checked in fb she is still online its 12 past 10 'O'clock. I was wasting my time as usual in stuff finding something if it could help me but mostly failing in all the cases. And than i remembered she told, talk to you at 12, i replied okay.... than she came after some 10 minutes telling the meaning of her name which was as beautiful as she is however than she went without replying and came at that the time i mentioned already and still she's online. 

Well i thought to talk, but than i realised may be she might be busy in her stuff some other important thing other important people socializing herself may be maynot be. Anyway let them be busy, but what i was wondering was the pace with which days passed, weeks spent and month finally the year spend. Though i could not achieve this year as usual years but it was a great year for me where i came to meet the person i lost a couple of years ago due to mis-understanding, inmaturity, ego attitude whatever you call doesn't matter. What matter is that person's smile which i could see this year. 21 minutes 10 past she went offline of fb , i than crossed checked if she's online at messenger but like all time she is not. Anyway my eyes are at the screen looking today 9:59 pm. Though i can type without seeing too but with many error's. 

Going back to the time, when we met again and because friends and with god grace though we are good friends but there is something missing....

to be continued....

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