One upon a time When she need some water.

Today what I was thinking in the midst of the deep thought when my eye were looking the middle one in the first seat in bus. Yes right it was she, I was amused at the same time it was worth when you know the person don't have any feelings for you. However this wasn't the case today. I stepped in bus after my exam got over and acquired the first place in the front seat which was two seater seat next to the gate in bus. It was damm hot if anyone would sit by mistake would have known about it. Anyway, then in the meanwhile sis came asking me how was the paper? I replied in an a totally not funny way,' (Bigad gaya yaar..) Not good dear.Also, Previous paper did not went that good. She exclaimed about today's,.. and then again in very funny way I replied 100 out of 100 where as the paper was of 70 marks only. That was the height of stupidity. However then I guess She came in the bus and had a weird look in her face, may be because I was sitting in the front. or I guess it had an intellectual habit of doing so. She then talked to her (siso) who was sitting in the first place from starting and then asked her to shift telling that she would be sitting however she didn't let her. And then she asked her for water she didn't have in her water bottle than she conversed to a guy who was sitting in the back seat and asked for some water. He didn't have, after which one of the three girls gave her bottle full of water. Who was sitting next to a seat in the cabin side of a bus. Both of them drank to calm down their thirst. They were busy talking and I was looking somewhere else thinking about her or may be way to control my mind how to avoid being all the time thinking about the same person who don't bother or care and then thinking why will she care or think? And then both of them went to some other place out of the bus. I my eyes started looking where they escaped and finally found them they were coming from an partially built area in the college premises from the canteen having frooti... !

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